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Celebrating the American Farmer.

We are a nation that celebrates heroes. And who more deserves that description than those who are part of the most efficient and productive food system on the planet – the American Farmer. And that's why today, on the boxes of five Hy-Vee® brand cereals, we celebrate the achievement of those who work every day to produce safe and nutritious food for you and your family to enjoy.

Join us in giving a #SpoonSalute to the American Farmer.

The Greenway's
The Greenway's
The Greenway's

Why I chose agriculture

I went away to college for one year, but decided I wanted to be involved in production so I came back and started farming with my wife, Peggy, and my parents. Peggy and I are thankful we got to raise our two children on the farm.

What we enjoy about farming

We get up every day knowing there’s going to be variety in our work on our diversified farm. Farming is a noble profession and I'm proud to help provide food for a growing population.

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