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Celebrating the American Farmer.

We are a nation that celebrates heroes. And who more deserves that description than those who are part of the most efficient and productive food system on the planet – the American Farmer. And that's why today, on the boxes of five Hy-Vee® brand cereals, we celebrate the achievement of those who work every day to produce safe and nutritious food for you and your family to enjoy.

Join us in giving a #SpoonSalute to the American Farmer.

The Smith's
The Smith's
The Smith's

Why we chose agriculture

Both of our families have a long history of farming, five generations for me and seven for Etta. I knew that I wanted to farm by the time I went to kindergarten.

What we enjoy about farming

When our daughter was 2 ½ years old, we were watching some young calves being off-loaded from a truck. She told me, "Daddy, I a little farmer. You a big farmer – and I love semis!" It's nice to be somebody’s hero.

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